we moved!

Hey! Hi! Hello!

After a great first few shows at your first location, we decided we needed a space that was a bit more livable during off-show times.

Now that everyone is back in town from their summer fiesta, I thought I'd make these few announcements:

1. we moved to 980 W Cullerton (that's at Cullerton and Morgan)

2. we'll be setting a date for an October BC,AD show in next few coming weeks. Keep your eye on our Facebook group for the latest.

see you soon!


Peter Skvara: Super Fish Hole or 'How to Get in Shape'

Peter Skvara's visually and physically immersive Super Fish Hole or 'How to Get in Shape' invokes - at very least - a tenacious curiosity borne from the fusion of a highly saturated tribute to artistic influence and a seemingly frivolous Russian state-commissioned post-war electronic music workout program. The experience of such an amalgam of unpredictable materials as vapor and neon tape is that of being plunked down between the ever precarious readymade and systems of circuitry in a mist of space disco.

Join us at Hutten Showroom on Friday, April 3 at 7pm for the opening reception of Super Fish Hole or 'How to Get in Shape' featuring a temporal installation that will be displayed for one night only.

Super Fish Hole or 'How to Get in Shape' runs through April 30. Hutten Showroom hours can be arranged by appointment during the month of April, excluding Friday, April 10 through Monday, April 20.

For more information and updates, visit our event page on Facebook - search "super fish hole." For further information about the artist, visit Peter Skvara's blog at *futurish.


"This is NOT a Test"

Before Cake, After Dinner will participate in an evening of live sculpture and performance for the second time during the month at Hutten Showroom on March 14, 2009 at 7pm. BC,AD will be up to they're usual shenanigans during this exhibition, focusing on individually performed concept-based work that manifests as an accumulation of activity in close proximity.

The artists featured during "This is NOT a Test" will include

Meredith Anne
Karen Bovinich
Michelle Ishikawa
Jesus Mejia
Gregory Valentine
Mat Wilson

...and introducing

Alexa Loftus

Be sure to check out Before Cake, After Dinner and Hutten Showroom on Facebook for the most up-to-date information.

Send an e-mail to huttenshowroom@gmail.com to be added to our mailing list.

Check back for a flyer for this event, which should be posted by week's end.

"This is a Test"

Before Cake, After Dinner at Hutten Showroom

Hutten Showroom's first exhibition will be held on the evening of March 7, 2009 opening at 7pm. Before Cake, After Dinner is a performance collective that specializes in individual live sculpture situated in close proximity to one another. "This is a Test" is a collaborative performance that will emphasize live performative gesture in its purest form, making use of various objects and the specificity of the showroom as the basis of the performers' actions.

The following artists are expected to have some kind of involvement in the performance:

Meredith Anne
Karen Bovinich
Michelle Ishikawa
Jesus Mejia
Gregory Valentine
Tannar Veatch
Mat Wilson

For more information check out BC,AD's blog at beforecakeafterdinner.blogspot.com

Also, check back here for details about upcoming shows.

Hope to see you there!