Peter Skvara: Super Fish Hole or 'How to Get in Shape'

Peter Skvara's visually and physically immersive Super Fish Hole or 'How to Get in Shape' invokes - at very least - a tenacious curiosity borne from the fusion of a highly saturated tribute to artistic influence and a seemingly frivolous Russian state-commissioned post-war electronic music workout program. The experience of such an amalgam of unpredictable materials as vapor and neon tape is that of being plunked down between the ever precarious readymade and systems of circuitry in a mist of space disco.

Join us at Hutten Showroom on Friday, April 3 at 7pm for the opening reception of Super Fish Hole or 'How to Get in Shape' featuring a temporal installation that will be displayed for one night only.

Super Fish Hole or 'How to Get in Shape' runs through April 30. Hutten Showroom hours can be arranged by appointment during the month of April, excluding Friday, April 10 through Monday, April 20.

For more information and updates, visit our event page on Facebook - search "super fish hole." For further information about the artist, visit Peter Skvara's blog at *futurish.

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